Class Info Edit

Conjures magic to create storms of fire, create tidal waves and tear terrifying cyclones across the sky. With the perfect balance and blessing of intelligence and power this class can wreak havoc across all lands but can also be a burden due to its lack of health and armor.

The Wizard sacrifices all forms of defence to maximize attack.

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Class Perks Edit

  • When MP is below 50%, MP regeneration is increased.
  • Barrier stacks increase attack power by 10% per stack.
  • Gain 20 MP per turn when enemy is frozen or burned.
  • Gains ATK from manual allocation of stat points in WIS and INT.
  • 20% chance to gain one RAGE meter when enemy is frozen or burned.
  • MP regen from wisdom is DOUBLED when below 20% health.
  • 25% chance to FREEZE enemy when casting ULT.
  • Increased Fireball [1] damage based on RAGE meter.
  • Has 25% chance to SHOCK enemy with Electrocute [2].
  • Gain +1 INT upon LEVEL UP, but reduce MAX HP by 1%.
  • Hit Confirms have a 100% chance to SHOCK enemies.
  • Barrier will not drain MP if health is below 33%.
  • Your damage is reduced by 25% when using a 'Heavy' weapon.
  • Gains 50 MP per Reposition.
  • Light armor grants 5% dodge chance

Attack/moves Edit

Basic Edit

Below are the attacks available to a freshly started Wizard. More are unlocked as you gain experience, see Level Unlocks

  • [1] Fireball: +10 MP, 50% ATK + INT damage
  • [2] Electrocute: No MP, 200% ATK, lose HP
  • [3] Force Pulse: No MP, 20% ATK
  • [3] Energy Nova (Linker): -10 MP, 150% ATK
  • [3] Final Blast: Finisher: -20 MP, 300% ATK, 100% Crit
  • [1] Life Tap: No MP, 100% ATK, Restore HP
  • [2] Ignite: No MP, 160% ATK
  • [3] Force Slash: -10 MP, 40% ATK
  • [3] Immolate (Linker): -10 MP, 250% ATK
  • [3] Mending Beam (Finisher): -20 MP, 500% Attack, Restore HP
  • [4] Dazing Heal: -20 MP, 66% Daze, Restore HP

Ultimate Edit

  • Blizzard: No MP, (large) ATK + INT damage
  • Feral Push: +MAX MP, (larger) ATK, +MP

Class Advancement (Personality) Edit

Your personality finally is set - after surviving the Doctor in Act1. For Wizard, you might end up being

  • Modest (+5 INT, -3 VIT) [Oh, that fiery explosion was nothing.]
  • Mild (+3 INT, -2 STR) [Most interesting feature: stamp collection.]
  • Relaxed (+6 DEX, -4 INT) [A calm mind is an oasis in chaos.]

Class advancement (Disciplines) Edit

You can choose a discipline after your triumph over the Reaper in Act1. For Wizard, these are

  • Sorcerer
    • 50% chance to RESTORE 10% Max MP upon Crit
    • 33% to BURN enemy when hit if Barrier is ON
  • Mesmer
    • 20% chance to CONFUSE enemy upon attack
    • 10% chance to RESTORE ALL MP/turn and refresh Barrier
  • Frostborn
    • 5% Chance to FREEZE enemy upon attack
    • 5% FREEZE chance when Barrier is ON
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