SanctuaryRPG Wiki

Weapons in SanctuaryRPG increase your stats while wielded. They can be

  • dropped as loot from enemies
  • stumbled upon while exploring
  • found during Events
  • crafted
  • assembled using 100 iron ore you have mined
  • rewards from quests
  • given as gifts while labouring in your tavern
  • discovered during extraordinary research at the Library
  • drops from slot machine (not in Black Edition?)

Each weapon has a special mastery that can be increased each time you gain a level. The mastery points can be reset at the Colosseum for a fee.



Weapons can have the following prefixes/modifiers:

Prefix Effect
Ascendant 10% Bonus Experience gain.
Bountiful Salvages for 400% value.
Burning 5% Chance to BURN on hit.
Cursed Rolls higher STATS, but 10% to bleed player.
Demonbleed Deal 33% bonus damage to Demons
Dragonslay Deal 33% bonus damage to Dragons.
Enchanted Rolls higher STATS.
Energized Regenerate Guardian energy on hit.
Freezing 5% Chance to FREEZE on hit.
Furious RAGE meter increases by 3 on critical hits.
Icetoad 10% chance to freeze enemies on hit.
Leeching Grants 2% lifesteal on hit.
Legendary 5% Bonus Experience gain.
Metalwarp Deal 33% bonus damage to Robots.
Reinforced Rolls higher DAMAGE.
Sapping Grants 5% of Max MP on hit.
Shocking 5% Chance to SHOCK on hit.
Skellybane Deal 33% bonus damage to Skeletons.
Titancrush Deal 33% bonus damage to Titans.
Bashing Grants 3% chance to STUN on hit.
Cleaving Deal damage equal to 1% of your current HP per turn.
Coldheart When enemy is FROZEN, 10% to FREEZE again each turn.
Confirmed If combo count is 3, deal TRIPLE damage.
Deceptive Grants 25% chance to shock enemy when you're bleeding.
Executing Deal 50% bonus damage to enemies below 50% health.
Gashing Enemy takes 4x bleed damage when bleeding.
Lunar Deal 33% bonus damage during nighttime.
Onus Regenerate HP equal to your current MP every turn.
Opportune Deal 33% bonus damage, but missed grapple will hurt you.
Parrying Deal 50% of your ATK as damage when you're blocking.
Seeker Grants 10% chance to BLEED both self and enemy on hit.
Serrated Grants 10% chance to BLEED on Critical Hits.
Smashing Deal 50% bonus damage when CLOSEST to enemy.
Solar Deal 33% bonus damage during daytime.
Swift Deal 50% bonus damage if not using HEAVY armor or shield.
Umbral Player takes 50% less damage from BLEED.
Unholy Drain 5% of your HP per turn, but bleeds enemy each turn.
Unstable Gain 50% chance to BLEED you or enemy every turn.


If the weapon share your faction (Factions) , you will get 20% damage.


After a new weapon has been equipped, the Blacksmith can imbue it for some extra damage. This can only be done once for that particular weapon.

Legendary/Ascendent Weapons[]

These rare and fine weapons will give you EXP bonus: 5% for legendaries and 10% for ascendants.

Note: Many pages in this wiki claim that legendary weapons give permanent stat increase. That needs to be verified, it is not the case for Maelstrom and Dreamhack.


  • Extra damage equal to 15% STR and 15% DEX
  • Increases Crit chance by 10%
  • When fully mastered: 10% to BLEED

Named swords/daggers[]


  • Extra damage equal to 30% of STR
  • Bonus damage on Crit (heavy mastery * 4)
  • When fully mastered: 10% to deal 1% of enemy max HP

Named axe/polearms[]


  • Extra damage equal to 15% STR and 15% INT
  • Cannot Crit but always gives (Blunt mastery)% bonus damage
  • When fully mastered: 10% to DAZE

Named mace/mauls[]

  • Starcrush (Legendary maul)
  • Päradox (Legendary maul)


  • Extra damage equal to 30% DEX
  • Cannot Block, 10% bonus dodge chance
  • When fully mastered: 10% to MARK and del 1% of enemy HP

Named bow/crossbows[]


  • Extra damage equal to 30%of INT obtained from leveling
  • Bonus MP regeneration (magic mastery * 1)
  • When fully mastered: 10% to CONFUSE

Named wand/staffs[]