I saw this game from a youtube video ( and ever since I started to play the game. It kinda fit what I was looking for, and I've been playing it ever since. I normally check/edit this wiki, reddit, and steam if there are any questions that I am able to answer.

Beyond this game I also play Heroes of the Storm when I don't feel like crafting all the time :P as well as a couple of other games(Distant Worlds: Universe and DoW: Soulstorm with Ultimate Apocalypse Mod). I'm more of an RTS fan, but because I love upgrades so much, I like plenty of other games as well when there's a real element of progression.

I've played a few games on the old SEGA console, ~10 on the N64, 2 on the Game Boy Color, ~25 on the PS2, 2 on the PSP, ~10 on the Wii, and well, a lot of games on PC. So in short you could say my main hobby is playing video games :) though I also know a small bit of coding (just about the very basics e.g. loops, if statements, arrays, classes...), so I can understand the broad layout of the mechanics of some games.

Not exactly sure how I formed my alias, but I think it dated back about 10 years ago(I'm 18 btw) and I've used it ever since. I've only had to change my username once, and that was for some MMO(for the wiki I actually made a previous acct but I forgot the pw since it was so long ago .__.). Beyond that, I've never needed to change the name so it's easy for me to remember.

I guess the only other thing is that you can call me Paul instead if you ever want to ask something.

Oh and here's my current file's stats for SRPG:


I tend to abuse Reckoning... atm I basically deal 1.5x my Max HP per turn, have a 37% chance to heal 25% of my max HP each turn(14% to bleed), have the Turtle Garb(lvl20), and have the Fiery Cross Augment which I randomly found while I was half-asleep. I also have the Blood Spring and Brute Force Talents. Also a lot of the hours on my game were spent sleeping("taking a nap" for 8 hours) and adding to the wiki, so I think roughly 45 of those hours were spent actually playing the game. My current goals for this file:

  • Reach lvl 300(Completed! Thought I would get something for completing all the trials but oh well)
  • Get all 7 Augments(Need 3 more)
  • Get all outfits to lvl 20 (Completed!)
  • Save my mats till lvl 300 so I can start crafting the best gear possible(About to start crafting them)
  • Get max lvl on the Tavern(Completed!)
  • Use the file to help add info to the wiki and help out with q's in forums
  • (Optional) Beat the boss, and hopefully beat all difficulty levels (Currently in Inferno++, Act 4)
  • (Optional) Sacrifice potatoes on the altar :P

Origin of my Gear:

  • Weapon: Keystone Dungeon, used to have Umbral (rather critical for me when versing the Eternal Guardian), but since I'll be farming for augments, my main concern is maxing out VIT
  • Armor: Handcrafted
  • Shield: Gift Box (<3)
  • Charm: Handcrafted

Edited as of 7/1/15


I decided to start a new barbarian file rather than completing my classic lvl 300 one. Reasons for this:

  • This is more so theorycrafting if anything else, but I was thinking that I could ONLY get 3 Augments from Classic(or at the very least, from that file). When I got my 3 Augments, I got them before I even went to Inferno. Now in Inferno++, I'm still not getting anything at all. Because I got one of my Augments from the Commodity Coupon(which I also suspect draws from the same item pool as Commodity Crafting Kit), I decided to craft all my scrap metal into commodities in the hopes of getting an Augment, and would help to solidify that I was either a) ridiculously unlucky or b) right concerning the theory I had about the Augments. I had 4.6k scrap metal, so I had 2,300 chances to get an Augment. I had to use an Auto Key Presser since you kind of get tired after like 600 scrap metals lol esp. when they give you 2 scrap metal back to you. I didn't quite get all the way there; I think I have about 1300 scrap metal left, but I figured that was sufficient to convince myself that I wasn't going to get anymore augments from that file. So I thought that if I only got 3 from Classic, maybe I get 3 from Lunatic...? Going to find out :D
  • I wasn't making any progress from doing what I was doing(I could've achieved lvl 300 5 times with the xp I gathered lol) so I decided to start a new file at least
  • Wanted to eventually try Lunatic, just to see how difficult it was(trust me, early game is brutal)

So, I'm going for the same build that I went for before EXCEPT that I'm going to rely on bloodthrust as well(ty sentient toaster for that info, I realized that bloodthrust did a lot of damage, but I never made the simple connection that I could use BOTH bloodthrust and reckoning). So here's where I am right now:

Lunatic - lvl33.png

I've had to die quite a few times(like 6 or so) before I finally got this far. Here are a few things I learned about Lunatic and the game in general:

  • Damage from Lunatic enemies in the beginning is rather... insane. You can easily get 1- or 2-shot from enemies.
  • Because of the damage, don't be afraid to run, many, many times.
  • Skeletons are your best friends. Because they scale to your level, they only have like between 100-200 attack in the beginning which is like half or less than that of the other enemies. They are essentially your ONLY farm beyond the occasional easy, non-skeletal enemy.
  • There's one bit of forgiveness in the game: If you do not have enough money to purchase another heal charge, it will be provided to you for FREE. This was rather crucial for my current run since it's difficult to heal when you're running 90% of the time, and the barbarian's 25% heal after a battle doesn't proc if you didn't win the battle...
  • Avoid the exploration areas. Yes they can have items/events but they also have skeletons that have more health and damage than the regular enemies in the first area; if you get caught in a snare or get wounded by them, you have a very good chance of dying at that point. Oh and yea, it doesn't appear that these skeletons scale to your level like the regular ones... at least if they do, it's at a much higher base HP and ATK.

I won't be able to edit this too often, but I'll be able to post up the lvl 300 image of this when I come back after 2 weeks.

Edited as of 7/12/15

My favorite pages[edit | edit source]

  • I guess the ones I follow would be my favorites...?

Silly Moments[edit | edit source]

SRPG does have a lot of humor built into it and there is some that I certainly remember :).

  • As I walk into the Empty Abyss for casual farming, I meet a woman who tells me, "You seem to be lost. Here, take this." What I receive is one wood splint. There were a lot of things wrong with such as why she's in an empty abyss that was once an evil portal just chilling there... why she thought I was lost, especially when it seemed like the other way around... why she would give me a single piece of wood rather than a map if I was lost...So many questions, but I simply accepted her piece of wood and went on my way.
  • When you first start out with your new character, you come across certain events, one of these being the Card event. If you pick up the card, you may get a "gruesome papercut" that puts you at 1 HP. Somewhat hard for a card to do something like that, but you only lose maybe 500 or so HP. When you get towards the late game and have, let's say, 1.8 million HP having more health than even some bosses, you come across the same card that gives you the same "gruesome papercut" that still puts you at 1 HP. With all the armor that you have, the tons of vitality you have, and the many tough enemies you have slain, one really bad papercut from a card can still nearly kill you. If only I could grab the card and keep it in my inventory; I would use it against the most difficult of bosses to put his 500M hp down to 1 :P
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