Health 6000
Attack 20 - 30
Special Translocation Meter [LOCK]

Terminal is a hostile robot that the player's persona first encounters at Gate 17. It is the second boss the player's persona will fight. Despite its destruction at that occasion, however, it will return as an adversary in later campaigns, wherein it will style itself as A.D.A.M and A.D.A.M. 2.0 on the respective occasions.

Info[edit | edit source]

Terminal After Battle.

Terminal is an easy boss to defeat, it can only deal light damage, but you'd have to fight for sometime since it has a greater HP compared to your attack potential at the beginning of the game. And be careful it has the special ability Translocation Meter, which the Terminal attempt to LOCK onto the player and do a great deal of damage.

After defeating the Terminal, you'll be able to travel to + Rouge Camp + and Market, Tavern, Temple, Library, Colosseum and Campground are unlocked, which you will gain many benifts for your journey.

Guide[edit | edit source]

Look out for the translocation meter. Try to keep your ult (R) filled, after performing a long combo you're good to drop your ult on the boss which will deal massive damage to it. Then attack it and repeat the same sequence as you battled with Blue Slime. Don't forget to reposition more often to shake it off and decrease the [LOCK] and if it LOCKs on to you [!!!!], reposition as soon as possible to dodge the missile. Keep attacking it while maintaining your combo count, which will help you to use your ult a second time.

And keep an eye out on your HP, if it turns red don't take any chance just heal your self before taking any other action, after all it is a boss fight. Good luck!

Phrases[edit | edit source]

  • Hello World
  • User INT buffer underflow detected.
  • Only 1 instance(s) of master race detected. Lock-on speed upgraded.
  • Only one instance of master race detected. Commencing genocide subroutine...
  • Humans and machine alike do not enjoy fire...
  • Beep boop. My internal circuits are on fire. Woe is me.
  • My processor has been clocked!

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The phrase "Hello world" is a reference to the popular Hello World program.
  • The phrase "My processor has been clocked!" is a reference to overclocking a computer.
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