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Temple in Version 1.0.5 Steam Early Access










The Temple opens up after kicking The Terminal over, along with the rest of the facilities in the camp.

[Q]: Mirror[]

Seems to just give a nonsensical alignment, different each time. No effect?

[E]: Sacrifice[]

Do you have a small potato following you? Sacrifice the little dear, maybe get a Raw Hide out of the deal. Maybe get nothing.

[R]: Pray[]

You pray. (No effect, maybe.)

[T]: Talk[]

Chat with Brother Thomas about the Great One.

[1]: Burn Pamphlet[]

A matter of luck. Sometimes you'll get a charm, sometimes you'll just set a pamphlet on fire.

[2]: Smelt Key[]

A matter of luck. Destroys one silver key, and you may or may not get a Scrap Metal.

[Z] and [X]: Monster Power Level[]

This bar allows you to control the difficulty of enemies. These changes are GLOBAL, and will apply to ALL areas. Higher difficulties will yield higher EXP and gold drops. (Exact difficulty change?)

[W]: Repeats the above.[]

Monster Power (Difficulty Adjustment)[]

Level 0: +00% Gold/EXP boost

Level 1: +35% Gold/EXP boost

Level 2: +70% Gold/EXP boost

Level 3: +110% Gold/EXP boost

Level 4: +160% Gold/EXP boost

Level 5: +215% Gold/EXP boost

Note: At level 5, in addition to the extra gold/exp boost, you also double the chance of finding augments.