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Enemy Status Effects[]

Name Letter Effect Comments
Bleed [B] Loose 1% of current HP per turn. Can Stack. Decreases over time unless reapplied.
Burn [B] Lose 3%/2%/1% of current HP over 3 turns. Cannot stack.
Guarding Hides enemy HP. Reduces damage taken. Not regarded as a status by the game manual. Reposition in order to get around the guard.
Frozen [F] Cannot take any action for 2 turns. Can stack.
Shock [S] Interrupts charge/guard. Stacks increase by ONE every turn.
Stun [S] 4X Shock will stun for 4 turns. Enemy is helpless for 4 turns.
Confuse [C] 25% chance to hurt self on attack. Can be grappled more often.
Enraged [E] Charges at the player 25% more often. Gains +1% ATK per turn.
Mark [M] Deals 1% of enemy current HP. Consume deals +3%. Stacks to 3.

Player Status Effects[]

Some status effects are beneficial, while others are applied to by your opponents in order to easier terminate you.

Most harmful effects can be removed by Riposte or the [4] Heal command. Certain Mercenaries (hired at the Blacksmith, when available) also remove/reduce status effects.

When you exit a battle, all statuses are reset.

Name Letter Effect Comments
Curse [C] Can't ULT, -5% MAX MP, -10 RM/turn, hides status effects. Riposte/Ravage [Q] will remove Curse.
Bleed [B] Lose 5% of MAX HP per turn for 7 turns. Turns can stack. Decreases over time unless reapplied
Blind Battle hub does not show you available commands and what they do. Commands still work though. The damaging manta does not seem to work - it neither consumes nor damages.
Wound [W] Take damage when moving. Repositioning is less effective.
Ensnare [E] Player cannot reposition, run, nor heal. ULT is disabled When Ensnared, a special command ([5]) becomes available to break free. Barbarians can Cleave out of Ensnare.
Poison [P] Damage is dealt per turn, will get progressively worse. 4 stacks will make you Blind
Slowed [S] Charging enemies will connect in ONE turn instead of TWO
Exposed [E] Take 50% extra damage from basic attacks. Can stack Repositioning will reduce the stack. Riposte will clear it.
Mobile [M] Next attack will AMBUSH. This triggers upon 4 repositions.
Ambush [A] Next attach AMBUSH after 4x Reposition. Move CLOSE to enemy.
HP Regen [+] HP Regenerates. Can stack
MP Regen [+] MP Regenerates.

Screenshot from the in-game manual[]