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Distant Inhabitants of Peneau Edit

[The will of a thousand darkened soul stones]

Slythin Edit

"These snake-like creatures inhabit the swamps of Tarsaris."

  •  PATIENCE: If enemy is FAR, increase MP by 10% per turn
  •  DISCIPLINE: If enemy is CLOSE, +20% to dodge chance
  •  CUNNING: 33% to MOVE away from enemy per turn

Vassian Edit

"These slimy humanoids can easily regenerate limbs."

  •  REGENERATE: If enemy is close, Heal 1% of MAX HP
  •  REVITALIZE: If ULT is charged, Heal 1% of MAX HP
  •  INVIGORATE: If HP is below 50%, Heal 1% of MAX HP

Krogg Edit

"Nothing lays on the hurt like a good old lumbering tree."

  •  LIMB SMASH: Deal 2x damage when combo count is less than 5
  •  DEEP ROOTED: Reposition does not increase distance from enemy
  •  NATURALIZE: Repositioning reduces your current HP by 15%
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