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Illusive Soul Wardens of Kadu Edit

[The vast mysteries of the lost soul wardens]

Jondas Edit

"These surly warriors prefer the darkest shadows."

  •  SILENT PREY: Dodging attacks increases combo count by 1
  •  LOST VOICES: Attempting to run increases combo count by 1
  •  OVERWHELM: 20% Chance for DOUBLE damage on attack

Grokarn Edit

"Their stomach acid can corrode entire cities."

  •  CONSUME TIN: 10% Chance to HEAL for your damage per turn
  •  COPPER MEAL: If HP is less than 33%, gain 2 rage per turn
  •  DIGEST BONE: 5% Chance to deal 300% ATK as damage each turn

Owambaku Edit

"These noble hunters disregard personal space."

  •  SUSTENANCE: Focus attack trigger chance is doubled
  •  HYPER FOCUS: Focus attacks deal 300% ATK as damage
  •  PALM STRIKE: If enemy is CLOSE, focus deals 600% ATK
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