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Nomadic Order of Garaza[]

[The freed followers of a vast holy order]


"These humble folk defend the strongest of nobles."

  •  HOMEGUARD: 10% Chance to move FARTHEST per turn
  •  BLOOD SHIELD: If BLEEDING, gain 20% increased DODGE chance
  •  BLADESTORM: Increase CRIT chance by 10% when CLOSE


"Their penchant for strong beer is quite overt."

  •  SATIATION: 3% to fully restore HP and MP each turn
  •  AMPLE ROAST: 5% to deal 800% attack as damage each turn
  •  MOLTEN BREW: 5% to SHOCK and BURN enemy each turn


"Their whispers echo through dimensions unknown."

  •  HOLY LIGHT: If MP is full, combo increases by ONE per turn
  •  BLAST WARD: If HP <25%, Gain 50% Chance for FULL MP
  •  MYTHIC HAZE: Immune to the CURSED status effect

Nomadic order