Character Perks[edit | edit source]

  • When ULT is fully charged, DODGE chance is increased THREEFOLD
  • Guided Arrow [1] will interrupt CHARGING enemies
  • Gain 30 MP on all CRITICAL hits
  • Successive CRITS will grant +10% ATK, up to +100%. Resets on non-crit
  • 20% chance to apply a MARK on CRITICAL hits
  • 5% chance to apply a MARK on every attack
  • Heal self on MARK. Heal self and STUN enemy when MARKS are consumed
  • Riposte has a 33% chance to MARK and CONFUSE enemies
  • Riposte and Adrenal Smash have a 33% Chance to FREEZE enemies on CRIT
  • Automatically consumes all MARKS upon attacking at 3 MARKS
  • Using a Bow or Crossbow increases critical hit chance by 10%
  • Healing has 20% chance to confuse enemies
  • Deal DOUBLE damage on the first turn of combat during the night time
  • Your damage is reduced by 25% when 'Heavy' armor is equipped

Moves[edit | edit source]

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