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Place of OriginEdit

There are currently 7 places of origin, with 3 races in each place of origin. There are currently 21 races to choose from as of Version 1.0.6.

Northern Ariat Edit

The ability to bend the mystical elements


As typical as they come, in all shapes and sizes.

  • UPPER-CLASS: Start with an additional 20 EXTRA MP
  • HOMEOSTASIS: Generate +2 RAGE meter per turn
  • BOOTSTRAPS: Heal self upon enemy MISS/STUNNED (INT)


Machine, robot, and biological; one of these they are not.

  • DATA ROLL: When using HEAL, grant 3% chance to fully heal
  • OVERFLOW: Regenerate HP when ULT meter is charged (VIT)
  • AEGIS CHIP: Heal self when reposting (INT)


A nomadic race of ice people, they love to procreate often.

  • ICY COMPLEX: Grant 5% chance to freeze enemies per turn
  • NIGHTSHADE: Deal bonus damage per turn to enemy (INT)

SENESCENCE: Enemy takes bonus damage equal to your MP per turn

Central Tyrial Edit

The strength to take down enemies with force


Charred with hellfire, these firebeathers relish in blood.

  • DRY HEAT: When using HEAL, 20% chance to BLEED enemies
  • BRICK OVEN: On REPOSITION, 20% chance to BURN enemies
  • DEADLY VIEW: Using your ULTIMATE will BLEED enemies


Dwarven inhabitants of Jotun, pain is their pleasure.

  • IRON MAIDEN: Enemies also take damage when you are BLEEDING
  • FURY WHIP: Ultimate deals bonus damage to weakened enemies
  • PAINBRINGER: When HP < 25%, 10% chance to 10% MAX HP (TEMP)


These dark shadow-creatures are truly one with nature.

  • SHADOWRUN: Dodge chance is passively increased by 5%
  • DARKLING: Deal bonus damage with your ULTIMATE (DEX)

WALLFLOWER: Regenerate 15% of MAX MP during REPOSITION

Southern Sirea Edit

The endurance to withstand brutal attacks


These tough amphibians reside on land, but love the water.

  • IRON SCALES: Grant 50% resistance against BLEEDING
  • HARD SELL: Using HEAL will heal a bonus amount (DEX)
  • EVASIVE TOE: Dodge chance increases as your HP gets lower


At a glance, their skin could be mistaken for soft stone.

  • TENACITY: Grant 50% resistance to POISON status
  • ABSORBANT: Using HEAL temporarily increases MAX HP (VIT)
  • CRUMPE: Reduce enemy CHARGE damage by 20%


Standing at over eight feet tall, these giants are unshakable.

  • LIFELINK: Grant 5% chance per turn to heal 25% of MAX HP
  • BLOODSCENT: Gain +1 RAGE if either you or enemy is BLEEDING
  • GUARD CRUSH: Has 33% chance to break enemy GUARD each turn
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