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Library in 1.0.5

[1] (sell Pamphlet):[]

The pamphlets you got from random encounters can be sold in the library for gold. You might want a couple in the inventory as a random events features a beggar begging for pamphlets. 

[2] - [4] (Read):[]

You may gain a random amount of exp - the amount scales with your level.

[5] bind books):[]

One raw hide in your inventory will be used and 1-3 books will be given for you to read.

[W] (Inspect):[]

You will be asked to input a code to access a secret room in the library. For clues regarding the code, talk to the librarian.

[E] (Learn talents):[]

There are 2 talent points given, and you can choose from five talents available - one for each stat.In order to be able to assign a talent, you need at least 300 points in that specific stat (counting weapon and gear).

A talent is unlocked permanently. Even if the relevant stat drops below 300, you will keep the talent.

[R] (Research):[]

There is a chance you will get an item here. You can get pamphlets, crafting materials, marketing vouchers, and commodity coupons here. Good research takes time, and can only be performed during daytime.

[T] (Talk):[]

The librarian gives clues, so talking to him again and again by spamming the enter button may help give at least 2-3 clues regarding the code. By asking him questions, he gives more clues regarding the code to make it solvable.

Possible solutions include 9853.