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Complete database of possible items adventurers have obtained

To post your found item inside of Wikia, I will teach you how to posts images.

1. First, take a snapshot of your picture and name it to anything you want

2. Go into one of the sections in the items tab and select the edit button on the top left below the wikia title.


Editing Wikia

3. When you are inside the edit file, click the Source button at the top right of the page to write in source mode.

Wikia edit

Click on Source

4. To create a hyperlink to the name of the item you would like to show follow this formula.

  • Use double closed bracket to start a hyperlink command to a Wikia page: [[
  • Type name of item: Leviathan
  • Separate by the pipe command right next to the close bracket button on the key board: |
  • Type the name you want to display out to readers: Leviathan
  • Finish off your hyperlink declaration with two closed brackets: ]]
  • You will get something that looks like Leviathan
  • Click Publish to finish

5. When you return to that page, you will notice your hyperlink is red, this means the link you have submitted does not exist yet. Head over to your newly created page by clicking it.


Missing Hyperlink

6. Your page should be empty and redirect you straight to the editor. Everything is just the same as before, but this time, stay in/ change to visual mode, (See the picture in step 3 for help) 

7. Look over to the right side of the screen and you will see a place to Add features and media. Click on the photo and upload your photo with a caption and your page is done!


Picture Perfect

You are on your way to becoming a good photographer/editor on Wikia. Congratulations!