SanctuaryRPG Wiki

These are used to denote changes in combat behavior and capabilities for enemies. Some off these causes Status Effects on player or enemy.

Suffix Effect
Alpha Always accompanied by a powerful minion.
Affluent Yields double gold and experience rewards.
Barbed Enemy will deal immense damage to you if you use your ultimate attack.
Blinding Enemy obscures your move list for a while.
Bloodrush Bleeding stacks on player deal triple their normal damage.
Caustic Player starts combat with 50% Max HP.
Champion Enemy will enrage more often and is very powerful.
Crippling Upon the player moving/repositioning, it has 25% chance of being crippled (WOUNDed)
Cursing Frequently inflicts you with the cursed status.
Dangerous Wounds player when closest to player.
Demonic Deals 50% more damage. Loses 5% current HP per turn.
Desecrator Bleeds you frequently.
Fast Swift and can dodge stuns. Slows you often.
Focused Enemy attacks are impossible to dodge.
Gigantic Enemy deals major damage to you often.
Healthy Enemy has much more health than usual.
Immune Enemy is impervious to Ultimate attacks.
Imposing Your heal power will diminish every other turn.
Insidious Enemy attacks grow stronger every turn.
Ironclad Takes 50% reduced damage from attacks.
Masochist Enemy gains 1% ATK every time it takes damage.
Mirroring Enemy gains 5% of player's ATK every turn.
Molten Enemy automatically deals damage to you each turn.
Nimble Enemy dodges all finishing attacks.
Noxious Enemy is surrounded by a cloud of poison.
Numbing Player's health values are hidden.
Obstinate Enemy heals itself while guarding.
Opportune Enemy deals 50% more damage if player has the bleeding status.
Punisher Enemy attacks wound the player if the player is bleeding (Not sure, Hint says it wounds when your HP is low)
Punishing Enemy attacks deal 50% more damage if the player is under 50% of maximum hit points.
Ranged Enemy will expose the player when far from the player.
Resilient Enemy heals itself when the player heals.
Resistant Enemy is immune to all status effects.
Sapper Enemy continuously drains the player's magic points.
Shielding Enemy activates the guard action more often.
Shrouded Enemy's hit point values are hidden.
Silencer Enemy will break the player's mantra and barrier more often.
Smiter Enemy drains the player's magic points, rage, and ultimate attack value.
Unstable Enemy applies bleed status to itself and the player often.
Vampiric Enemy heals continuously.
Vengeful Enemy deals heavy damage to the player upon death. Patch 2.0.3 claims this can never kill you.
Vicious Enemy has unusually high attack power.
Wrangler Enemy frequently applies the ensnare status to the player.

[CHARGELOT]  = Enemies deal ADDITIONAL damage when charging.

[MANATHRESH] = Enemies will THRESH your MP and deal damage.

[DOOMCASTER] = Enemies will DOOM your HP often, halving it.

[THORNGUARD]  = Enemies will activate their THORNED ARMOR. (previous to Black Edition called Baneguard) When the enemy is <THORNING>, you take bleed stacks whenever you attack. <THORNING> can be removed by ULT or Guardian.

[EMPOWERED]  = Enemies are mini-bosses, and are tougher to kill.