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Class Info Edit

Displaying a friendly presence in the forest, where they have complete control over all natural elements, in battle the druid is a terrifying presence. Imagine being swallowed whole by the earth or being torn apart by plants. The druid is fast and precise when using their powers and draws their magic from the spirits and energy of the earth.

The Druid suffocates enemies with surrounding natural resources.

Find Druid Builds here.

Class Perks Edit

  • When ULT is fully charged, regenerates 3% health per turn.
  • After casting ULT, Maximum HP is increased by 15% until the end of combat.
  • Gain 10MP per turn, per MARK on enemy.
  • Adrenal Smash applies 1 MARK and consumes all MARKS at 3.
  • Attack power is BOOSTED by 50% while the player is BLEEDING.
  • Damage dealt by Slash [1] increases over the course of combat.
  • Rabid Lunge [2] will always MARK enemies.
  • Casting ULT consumes all MARKS for bonus damage.
  • Gains bonus ATK from manual allocation of stat points in INT.
  • Gains 5% chance to deal DOUBLE damage every turn.
  • Deal 33% bonus damage when attacking if combo count exceeds 10.
  • Charging at a MARKED enemy will deal DOUBLE damage.
  • Summon-able companions will deal 50% more damage per turn.
  • Your damage is reduced by 25% if you are not EXPOSED.
  • Gain 40 MP per Reposition.
  • Heavy armor grants 5% damage mitigation

Attack/moves Edit

Basic Edit

Below are the attacks available to a freshly started Druid. More are unlocked as you gain experience, see Level Unlocks

  • <To be filled in>

Ultimate Edit

  • Raven Storm: No MP, (large) ATK, 20% max HP + Heal
  • Feral Rage: +Max MP, (larger) ATK , + ATK Boost

Class Advancement (Personality) Edit

Your personality finally is set - after surviving the Doctor in Act1. For Druid, you might end up being:

  • Quirky (+3 STR, -2 INT)
  • Calm (+6 INT, -4 STR)
  • Hearty (+4 VIT, -3 STR)

Class advancement (Disciplines) Edit

You can choose a discipline after your triumph over the Reaper in Act1. For Druid, these are

  • Shaman
    • 10% chance to SHOCK enemies upon attack
    • HEAL self on MARK. HEAL + STUN when consumed
  • Ravager
    • 20% chance to BLEED enemies upon CRIT.
    • MARKS will FREEZE enemies. FREEZE and BURN when consumed.
  • Ritualist
    • 25% chance to TRANSFER BLEED to enemy upon attack.
    • MARKS BLEED self and enemy. HEAL + 10 RM when consumed
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