The Doctor
The Boss is ready to fight.
The Boss is ready to fight.
Health 16000
Attack 113 - 169

The Doctor Is the third boss you will encounter. He is encountered at the Rusted Gate. Because he has HYPERTRAMPLE,

After the battle!

you will want to heal often. 

Other abilities include:

  • Equipping a scalpel, increasing his attack ability.
  • Summoning minions, gaining him 8000 HP. This will be done once over the course of the battle.
  • Has Decimation meter


  1. Minion One! Minion Two! Prepare the table!
  2. Minions! I need more scalpels! (Attack increases)
  3. Minions! Come quickly! I need your help! (Gains HP)
  4. Minions--fetch--the stretcher...


  • Soul shard
  • Personality unlocked

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