SanctuaryRPG Wiki

Administration / Web Development

SharpEyez (Founder | Lead Developer | Programmer)

Ninjuninju (Brand Manager | Game Design | Web Developer)

Yixinli88 (Quality Assurance Lead)

Xinasha (Public Relations Manager | Marketing Manager)

Luke (Public Relations)

Anirath (Web Developer)

Game Mechanics / UI Design

fjdkf | Atomize (Senior Game Designer)

iRiskore (Game Designer)

FlyingDingo (Game Designer)


Trennto (Artist)


Noir_ (Lead Writer)

beffjaxter (Writer)

Colt_H (Writer)

Wyoma (Writer)


Rafael (Composer)


TrapAlice (Programming Consultant)

Quality Assurance

jc4117 (Tester) (Tier II)

Rowdy (Tester) (Tier II)

afonsanho (Tester) (Tier II)

ZenDesign (Tester) (Tier I)

TVUpbm (Tester) (Tier I)

JJTheJetPlane (Tester) (Tier I)

Inactive/Retired Staff

HacksawUnit (Artist) -inactive

wrappendncold (Artist) -inactive

JustASCII (Artist) -inactive

Bigboss (Artist) -inactive

Phul(Game Design) -inactive

AngelofTorment (Writer) -inactive

synergistic_ (Composer) -inactive

Crseat (Co-Founder | Programmer) -retired

Wayspurrchen (Writer) -retired

Zoltar (Writer)  -retired

Shax (Writer)  -retired

Krayzeeguy (Public Relations) -retired

Skreamerz (Art | Wikia Manager) -retired

Hyperman (Writing | Game Design) -retired


(Tier I) : These helpful people have contributed to the development of SanctuaryRPG, in one way or another.

(Tier II) : These individuals have dedicated many long hours to SanctuaryRPG, and have shown a very good work ethic.

(Tier III) : These self-motivated spartans have gone above and beyond the call of duty, proving that they're willing to do whatever it takes in order to help SanctuaryRPG along.

(Tier IV) : When it comes to working, these folk have dedicated hundreds, if not thousands of hours hard at work on SanctuaryRPG, and have proven themselves loyal and diligent to the cause.

(Tier V) : These people have dedicated their entire lives around SanctuaryRPG, only stopping to eat, and sleep. Many of these people would gladly take a bullet for SanctuaryRPG.