SanctuaryRPG Wiki

Here is a list of current projects our team is working on.

Brand Management (NinjuNinju)

Implement image annotation on Wikia for storyboard.

Plan on upgrades to MediaQuery

Work on new website

Research development blog

Public Relations (Xinasha)

Post on TIGsource forums (In PR doc)

Post on RPGcodex forums (In PR doc)

Set up IndieDB page (In PR doc)

Research google adsense/reddit advertisement pricing.

Research price quote for videographer.

YouTube community outreach. (On hold - Awaiting polishing)

Game Design



Complete Cutscenes.

Additional NPC dialogue.


Complete ASCII weapons.

Complete ASCII armors.

Complete Cutscene ASCII art.

Quality Assurance

Ensure that game is as bug-free as possible.

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