Kjell 'Colt' Baetslé (15 Juli 1990) is a Belgian legend and writer who does letters for the SanctuaryRPG game. It is rumoured that Baetslé is the oldest living author in Belgium. That rumour is untrue.

Biography Edit

Baetslé was born in the picturesque town of Ghent and from a very early age it was clear that he was granted the gift of good looks. Despite his obvious future as an underwear model he decided to pursue the life of an editor, a job with horrible pay, hideous hours and ungodly working conditions.

After his highly successful career as editor, winning him several Pulitzer and Nobel prizes, he was soon discovered by the ilustruous team behind SanctuaryRPG. Recognising his unparalleled talent, they put him to work writing letters for the rich and teeming backstory of the game.

He's currently working on more letters and is expecting his fourth pulitzer prize for his work on the Steve letters.

Bibliography Edit

Novels Edit

  • Earthquake in etch-a-sketchistan (2005)
  • Who dealt it? (2006)
  • The one who smelt it (2006)
  • Fart jokes are so 2006 (2007)

Short story collectionsEdit

  • Cooking for bros (2008)
  • Bedtime stories for bros (2009)
  • Gardening for bros (2010)
  • Steve letters (2013)
  • More Steve letters (2013)

A full bibliography can be found in all respectable libraries near you.

Criticism Edit

Baetslé reached critical acclaim everywhere and if someone tells you otherwise, they are a liar and their pants are on fire.

References Edit

Kjell's mom - He's a really good writer

Kjell's dad - What she said

All the women in the world - He's so handsome!

All men in the world - We all wish we were more like him.


This wasn't written by colt himself, just saying.

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