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Amulets take up the item slot and don't have a rarity like weapons and armors, though they may be classified as "dull", "plain", or "shiny". They are shown as loot with 5/300 chance of drop.  (Talk: Are amulets still in the game with Black Edition?  I have yet to find one after many loots.)


Charms occupy one of four available equipment slots.  They can be obtained through random drops, or combining three WOOD SLATS


An unfortunately named charm with otherwise good stats.

Charm-specific prefixes[]

Fire - 5% chance to BURN enemy each turn

Ice - 5% chance to FREEZE enemy each turn

Lightning - 5% chance to SHOCK eney each turn

Holy - 10% chance to clear all debuffs on you each turn

Hopeful - Heal for a bonus 15% of your current HP on Heal

Hunter - Enemies start battle at 90% health

Jinxing - While CURSED, has a 10% chance to BLEED enemy each turn

Spudly - 66% Bonus Damage when using a weapon named Potato

Tetra - Gain 2% FREEZE, 2% BURN, 2% SHOCK, 2% BLEED chance

Vamp - 20% Lifesteal on hit, but HP is capped at 66% of Max HP

Vile - Gain 33% bonus damage when poisoned or bleeding

Voodoo - All damage taken is also dealt to enemy each turn

Prefixes that can roll on all Armors/Shields/Charms[]

Cloaking - Reduces EXPOSED status by 1 per turn

Deflecting - Reduces incoming damage by 5%

Enraging - Increases RAGE meter by 1 per turn

Marking - 25% chance to MARK enemy per turn

Marveling - If HP is less than 25%, ATK is doubled

Meditative - Regain 1% of current MP per turn

Mending - Regain 1% of current HP per turn

Redeeming - If MP is <33%, Restore 5% Max MP per turn


Bronze Amulet (+1 ALL)

Silver Amulet (+2,3,6 ALL)

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