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Character Class[]

Sanc classes

There are six classes to choose from:

  1. Barbarian: Focuses on high STR, VIT, and damage. A good choice for beginners.
  2. Paladin: Focuses on INT and STR with an emphasis on healing ability. Also a good choice for beginners.
  3. Assassin: Focuses on DEX, with an emphasis on dodging and repositioning.
  4. Wizard: Focuses on INT and WIS, with an emphasis applying enemy statuses.
  5. Druid: Focuses on INT, with an emphasis on marking enemies to cause extra damage.
  6. Ranger: Focuses on marking enemies, critical hits and dodging.

Each class has their own attributes that make them unique to themselves, as well as different personalities with respective stats. To choose your class, type the number listed next to your desired class name, and press [Enter]. You will then be able to view the perks of your chosen class. If you wish to choose again, enter [A] to go back. To learn more about each character, visit Character Profile

You will then be able to name your character and choose a gender. This has no (?) effect on your character.


Augments are powerful customization options that are very rarely found during normal gameplay, ONLY in Classic mode. Your chance to find one is doubled on Inferno difficulty, and doubled on Monster Power level 5. By default you will have no augments.

Augments unlocked

Selecting a Difficulty[]


No respawns, death is permanent. Normal Item Drop Rate. The only thing that carries over between games is your shared stash at the tavern. If you defeat the final boss, you will have the option to continue your character in Inferno where the enemies are more difficult - but you keep everything you build up.


Death is just a MAJOR setback. -20% Item Drop Rate, no chance to find Augments. The player loses all gold on death.


No respawns. Death is permanent and your enemies really mean it. +10% Item Drop Rate. The first encounters are the hardest, after you reach town you can patiently farm gear/xp,


See how many battles you can win. Unlocked after you have managed to complete the game in Classic or Lunatic.

You start with abilities you had to discover in story modes. You level out and get drops from enemies. [5] Run command is at 100% - but it's a trap! No running away/no farming.

Selecting Race/Place of Origin[]

Race selecting can put your character in an advantage against certain enemies For example, the Steadfast Sonite can have better healing power over long battles compared to other classes. There are numerous possibilities to choose from with some races complimenting a specific class better than other races.

Mystical north Central brutes Steadfast south

Visit this page to learn more about each race.

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