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Character RacesEdit

As of version 2.2.4, there are 9 selectable races to choose from at start, and 12 additional races that are unlocked during gameplay.

Mystical Northerners of AriatEdit

[The ability to bend the mystical elements]


"As typical as they come, in all shapes and sizes."

  •  UPPER-CLASS: Starts with an additional 20 EXTRA MP
  •  HOMEOSTASIS: Generates +2 to RAGE meter per turn
  •  BOOTSTRAPS: Heal self upon enemy MISS/STUNNED (INT)


"Machine, robot, and biological; one of these they are not."

  •  DATA ROLL: When using HEAL, grants 3% chance to fully heal.
  •  OVERFLOW: HP regenerates when ULT meter is charged (VIT)
  •  AEGIS CHIP: Heals self upon REPOSITIONING (INT)


"A nomadic race of ice people, they love to procreate often."


  •  ICY COMPLEX: Grants 5% chance to freeze enemies per turn
  •  NIGHTSHADE: Deals bonus damage per turn to enemy (INT)
  •  SENESCIENCE: Enemy takes damage equal to your MP per turn

Central Brutes of TyrialEdit

[The strength to take down enemies with force]


"Charred with hellfire, these firebreathers relish in blood."

  •  DRY HEAT: When using HEAL, 20% chance to BLEED enemies
  •  BRICK OVEN: On REPOSITION, 20% chance to BURN enemies
  •  DEADLY VIEW: Using your ULTIMATE will BLEED enemies


"Dwarven inhabitants of Jotun, pain is their pleasure."

  •  IRON MAIDEN: Enemies also take damage when you are BLEEDING*
  •  FURY WHIP: ULTIMATE deals bonus damage to weakened enemies
  •  PAINBRINGER: When HP < 25%, 10% chance +10% MAX HP (TEMP)

* : Enemies take 5% of your Max HP as damage when you're bleeding.


"These dark shadow-creatures are truly one with nature."

  •  SHADOW RUN: Dodge chance is passively increased by 5%
  •  DARKLING: Deal bonus damage with your ULTIMATE (DEX)
  •  WALLFLOWER: Regenerate 15% of MAX MP during REPOSITION

Steadfast Southerners of SireaEdit

[The endurance to withstand brutal attacks]


"These tough amphibians reside on land, but love the water."

  •  IRON SCALES: Grants 50% resistance against BLEEDING
  •  HARD SHELL: Using HEAL will heal a bonus amount (DEX)
  •  EVASIVE TOE: Dodge chance increases as your HP gets lower


"At a glance, their skin could be mistaken for soft stone."

  •  TENACITY: Grant 50% resistance against POISON
  •  ABSORBANT: Using HEAL temporarily increases MAX HP (VIT)
  •  CRUMPLE: Reduce enemy CHARGE damage by 20%


"Standing at over eight feet tall, these giants are unshakeable."

  •  LIFELINK: Grants 5% chance per turn to heal 25% of MAX HP
  •  BLOODSCENT: Gain +1 RAGE if either you or enemy is BLEEDING
  •  GUARD CRUSH: Has 33% chance to break enemy GUARD per turn

Distant Peneau Edit

Beat Act 1 in Classic or Lunatic mode to unlock!

Spoilers: Peneau Edit

Sunken Teipaas Edit

Beat Act 2 in Classic or Lunatic mode to unlock!

Spoilers: Teipaas Edit

Enigmatic Kadu Edit

Beat Act 3 in Classic or Lunatic mode to unlock!

Spoilers: Kadu Edit

Nomadic Garaza Edit

Beat Act 4 in Classic or Lunatic mode to unlock!

Spoilers: GarazaEdit

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