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[G] Campground is one of the first locations you can access in the game, along with [C] Character and [Q] Blacksmith after doing some main quests. The campground is a source for crafting materials, iron ores, and is also the location used in crafting Weapons, Armors, Charms, and other types of items.


Housing LevelsEdit

The campground can be upgraded to give better chances of getting random loots from digging holes after you [1] Build Epic Crafting Table using one wood splint. Building Your campground's name changes everytime you level it up. Listed below are the names of each campground level available:

Name Wood Splints
Campground 0
Small Hut 1
Medium Hut 2
Large Hut 3
Small Shack 4
Medium Shack 5
Large Shack 6
Giant Shack 7
Small Cabin 8
Medium Cabin 9
Large Cabin 10
Giant Cabin 11
Small Fort 12
Medium Fort 13
Large Fort 14
Giant Fort 15
Small Castle 16
Medium Castle 17
Large Castle 18
Fortress 19
Fortress 20
... ...

Campground OperationsEdit

  • [1] Craft Powerful Items: Here you can use crafting kits to automatically create an Armor, Shield, or Charm or enter a mini-game to handcraft your own Armor, Charm, or Mats. For more info on this, go to the Crafting page.
  • [W] Wardrobe: Shows the Wardrobe where your outfits from Procedural Dungeons are stored. You can also increase the outfits' levels here.
  • [E] Augments: The augments you have unlocked are listed here, and you can equip them here. The default Augment is Old Potato.
  • [R] Sleep: Sleeps for ~8 hours, restoring HP and digging Energy. Does not consume an [R] Heal charge. Only available at Night - no true hero sleeps the day away!
  • [T] to Talk: Talk to Johanna

[1] Craft Powerful Items Edit

The Crafting page describes this.

[W] Wardrobe Edit

Wardrobe is the place where all of your outfits are kept. These can only be obtained through keystone bosses(25% chance to drop, 33% on inferno), each having unique abilities. Note that the stats below are base stats, without any adornment shards added. Adornment shards are used to upgrade these garbs by 1%, either increasing the benefit or reducing the risk. They have a 33% drop rate from keystone chests(pressing 77, 88, or 99 after beating a keystone boss). You can upgrade each outfit up to lvl 20.

Warning! Spoiler Alert! This will display all the outfits and their properties.

Outfit Benefit Risk
Bear Garb ATK +10%* Perma-Exposed
Turtle Garb Enemy ATK -10%* 1/2 Max MP
Panther Garb Rage Meter Min 33% Damage Taken +30%*
Lizard Garb +5% Max HP per turn ATK -30%*

* : Indicates the stat that is upgraded via Adornment Shards.

One small note: Turtle Garb's risk only reduces your current MP(that being equal to your max) by half at the beginning of the battle.

[E] Augments Edit

This section of the Campground is where all of your collected augments are. These augments are extremely rare and can only be found on Classic or Lunatic difficulty. These augments allow for advanced character customization. The chances for finding one can be doubled for each of the following conditions met:

  • On Inferno difficulty or higher
  • At Monster Power Level 5
  • Character Level 300

Below is a list of the Augments found. Any missing ones are currently unknown, but will be updated as they are collected.

Warning! Spoiler Alert! This will display the Augments currently discovered.

Augment Effect
Old Potato None
Fiery Cross If Rage meter maxed, CRITS bleed enemy
Divine Relic If ULT meter maxed, Rage meter increases by 2 per turn
Dark Effigy If enemy is CONFUSED, reposition restores FULL MP


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