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This page is used to share all the documents found within the game to try and piece together the side story

Note 2[]

Now some of you may say that there are other ideologies ...

The Great One has proclaimed that there is only one truth.

And that truth is Him.

There are false gods, and I am here to set you free.

Who am I but a lamb to be slaghtered to The Great One.

You are but a patron to the Cause.

Divinity or Permissiveness, make the call.

Note 3[]

Some worship demons. Truly powerful spirit beings who roam our land.

Fallen angels created by The Great One, in league with Lazarus.

They masquerade as angels of light, performing counterfeit wonders.

Do not trust them, for eternal damnation is hanging in the balance.

These are demons who pretend to be The Great One, but they are false gods,

If you are not associated with the Brotherhood of Divinity

You have been lied to.

Note 4[]

You are either for us or against us, we will not stop for you.

We are here to help you, but the ultimate choice is yours.

Give yourself the eternal satisfaction in paradise.

Trust in The Great One, and he alone will guide you.

Join the Brotherhood, and riches will be yours.

It is written in The Book that salvation is reserved...

Secure your reservation.

Note 5[]