Class Info Edit

You are an Assassin, and enjoy copious amounts of DEXTERITY! Trust in the power of your sharpened blade, and it'll take you far. You prefer to stalk in the shadows, eliminating enemies silently. Utilizing deception, cunning, and speed, you are a shadow in the night.

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Class Perks Edit

  • BLEEDS enemy when their health drops below 50%
  • Reposition enables your next attack to deal 150% damage
  • Gain 30 MP when DODGING enemy attacks
  • Riposte will DAZE enemies
  • Dodging increases ATK by 10% (stacking) until damage is taken
  • Upon reposition, have a 20% chance to CONFUSE enemies
  • Attacks have 25% chance to increase combo by an additional count
  • Repositioning reduces EXPOSE status by 2, up from 1
  • Grapples will increase COMBO COUNT by 2, up from 1
  • Hit Confirms will BLEED enemies
  • Charging at enemies has a 50% chance to hit, up from 25%
  • Non-Critical Hits have a 10% chance of BURNING enemies
  • Deal 25% Bonus damage when not EXPOSED
  • Your damage is reduced by 25% when 'Heavy' armor is equipped
  • Gain 40 MP per reposition
  • Light armor grants 5% dodge chance
  • Feral ULT (Feral Barrage) does extra damage

Attack/moves Edit

Basic Edit

Below are the attacks available to a freshly started Paladin. More are unlocked as you gain experience, see Level Unlocks

  • Slice: No MP, 50% ATK + DEX damage
  • Double Strike: +10 MP, 200% ATK, -HP
  • Backstab: -10 MP, 20% ATK
  • Focused Stab (Linker): -10 MP, 150% ATK
  • Final Blow (Finisher): -20 MP, 300% ATK, 100% Crit
  • Draining Palm: No MP, 100% ATK, Restore HP
  • Deadly Mark: No MP, 160% ATK
  • Dagger Throw: -10 MP, 40% ATK
  • Eviscerate (Linker): -10 MP, 250% ATK
  • Mending Gash (Finisher): -20 MP, 500% ATK, restore HP
  • Dazing Heal: -20 MP, 66% Daze, Restore HP

Ultimate/Feral Ultimate Edit

  • Extinguish: No MP, (large)% ATK + DEX (?) damage
  • Ferral Barrage: +MAX MP, (larger)% ATK + Bonus dmg (DEX?)

Class advancement (Personality) Edit

Your personality is set after defeating the Doctor in Act1.

  1. Hasty (+6 DEX, -4 VIT) [Do it fast and do it quick]
  2. Serious (+3 DEX, -2 STR) [Death is no laughing matter]
  3. Quiet (+5 STR, -3 DEX) [It's always the quiet ones.]

Class advancement (Disciplines) Edit

You can choose a discipline after your triumph over The Reaper in Act1. For Assassin, these are

  • Shadow
    • 20% chance to CONFUSE enemy upon Reposition
    • Evasion from DEX is increased by 50%
  • Rogue
    • 10% chance to SHOCK enemy when attacking
    • Riposte deals DOUBLE damage and applies BLEED
  • Thief
    • 10% chance to DAZE enemy upon critical hit
    • Adrenal Smash and Sacrifice BURNS and CONFUSES enemies
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